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Wifi Pick Up Lines

  • I left my Wi-Fi on and it’s telling me that you are a hotspot.
  • Babe I am wifi, because I will make your wishes come true and entertain you all night long.
  • Babe are you wifi? Because you are the one I look forward to everywhere I go.
  • Are you wifi? Because I cannot live without you.
  • Wifi Pick Up Lines 
  • The password is Baby. That’s the password to the wifi for when you stay at my place tonight.
  • You got wifi on the go? Because I want to connect to you on the go.
  • Is that a Wi-Fi enabled device in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
  • Is your wifi signal strong enough? Or do I need to move my extender closer to you?
  • Is your name ‘wifi’? Because I’m feeling a connection.
  • Are you a wifi signal? Because you’re not mine, but I’ll try to use you anyways.
  • Are you wifi? Because I love to have you around.
  • Are you a wifi mesh? Because I feel your love everywhere I go.
  • We have a connection stronger than our wifi.
  • Do you have a wifi repeater? Or do I need to stay closer to you?
  • Are you public wifi? Because I am connecting to you automatically.
  • Are you wifi? Because Imma get you to full bars if I move closer to you.
  • Is your wifi down? It’s OK because my signal goes up for you.
  • Babe, don’t connect to public wifi! If you want security, come to my room and I can shower you with some private wifi.
  • Girl I got the strong wifi router, because I will extend my signal into your device anytime.
  • Girl, I don’t need no wifi? Because I already got a hotspot like you.
  • Girl, you so hot you extended by Wifi Booster.
  • Is there something wrong with your wifi? Because I know a few hot spots.
  • Babe, you don’t need no wifi speed test, I can connect into your device directly.

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