26 Vending Machine Pick Up Line [2022] Best, Funny, Cheesy

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Vending Machine Pick Up Line

  • Are you a vending machine? Because your lips look like candies!
  • I have all the D-imes you need.
  • I am a vending machine, shake it right girl and I will fulfill your wildest dreams.
  • Come to me baby, don’t be a snack stuck in a vending machine.
  • Feeling thirsty? Reach down this vending machine and see what surprises you will get.
  • Sex is like vending machine, insert the hard coins, hit the right keys, and we will get orgasmic goodies.
  • Hey Babe, I know how to press the right buttons and won’t reach down until the time is right.
  • If you were a vending machine, and I’d ask you out and you’d say no, I would be soda pressed.
  • Are you a vending machine? You look soda-licious and I gotta get some.
  • Girl you are like a mystery vending machine, I will keep inserting till I hit that jackpot.
  • Girl, are you a vending machine? I will be gentle until we get what we both want.
  • Coming! Coming! Damn girl you are about to suck on one tasty snack.
  • Did it hurt? You look like a damn fine cookie that fell from the vending machine.
  • This vending machine is available to satisfy your hunger any time.
  • I would fondle and touch you all day to get the snack I want.
  • Is this a vending machine? You know how they always say: Insert Bill Here. And I happen to call my dick Little Bill.
  • If you were a vending machine, what buttons do I need to get your numbers?
  • Are you a vending machine? Because I see you have all the right snacks I desire!
  • So, you like vending machine? How much money do I need to spend before I get some?
  • Babe are you a vending machine? I keep on walking past and wanting a piece of you.
  • Do you want the vending machine experience? I put my hard currency in, and out come tasty juices.
  • I thought this was a vending machine because you look like a snack.
  • Vending Machine Pick Up Line
  • Babe are you a vending machine? How far can my fist reach in?

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