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Summoners War Pick Up Lines

  • Babe, how much accuracy do I need to break your defense?
  • Are you an Occult Girl? I’ll be your Teddy Bear.
  • You must be a nat 5, because I would spend thousands of crystals for you.
  • This alcohol is the accuracy against your resistance.
  • Babe, do you want me to farm your dungeons fast? Or should we do it safe?
  • Want to do some RTA in my bed?
  • If I go and destroy you a chunk at a time just how much will you be able to endure?
  • Are you ready to fight and farm this Giant’s Keep?
  • Girl, you have awakened me and now I finally have a name for myself instead of just another monster.
  • I don’t need no isle of conquest, the only siege battle I want is with you.
  • Add me, I just got a light cow girl SD waiting for you.
  • Summoners War Pick Up Lines
  • Girl, I am all about Swift and SPD. You will come so fast you will not know what hit you.
  • Babe, I’ll enter your dimension hole any day to second awaken my monster.
  • Girl are you Devilmon? Because I want to use you to skillup my moves.
  • Let’s do our repeat battle all night in bed, until this Monster reaching its MAX level.
  • Girl, I will enter your rift all day long for my Fight and Enhance Runes.
  • Did you rune yourself with Despair? Because girl you have stunned me.
  • Bring out the Burning Whip, I have Trained Skin.
  • Girl, let’s see how long you can last against my Trial of Ascension.
  • The only rift raid that I want to enter is you.
  • Girl, are you Tartarus? Because you keep on changing your weakness.
  • You are welcome into my Secret Dungeon any time.
  • Is your name Ariel? Because you look like an angel.
  • I’m not exactly a violent runed guy but I’d hit that twice.
  • Is your defense broken? Because this monster is ready to penetrate you.
  • Babe, how many sets of Will did you equip? Do I need to come back after another round or two.
  • The only Wish that I want is you.
  • I’m throwing my best lines at you in hopes you won’t Resist.
  • If all goes well, I’ll give you the Monkey Wand.
  • Want to pull this mystical scroll in my pants and see what amazing monster you will get?
  • What we are doing tonight, we will not need no Shield.
  • Does your father play summoners war? Because he summoned the best monster ever.
  • You must be Copper because I’m Randy and we’d do well together.
  • Babe, want to keep on rerolling in my bed until you are satisfied?
  • Hey babe, want to pull the trancendance scroll in my pants and see what natural 5* you will get?
  • Babe, you are all the Glory that I want from arena battles.
  • Want to fuse with me and see what Natural 5 that we can make?
  • Baby do you have 100% accuracy? ‘Cause I’m having trouble resisting you.
  • I wanna be your Belladeon, so I can be with you anywhere you go.
  • I’m as addicted to you as I’m addicted to summoners war.
  • Are you Lich in Necropolis? Because you have made me yours.
  • Let’s have repeat battle all night long until we run out of energy or 10 runs.
  • Do you know Head to Head is one of the daily quest?
  • Hey, my name is Theo and no matter what you do, I’ll crush your defense and make you mine.
  • Hey there giiirl, I have a feeling you’re Orion, because I’m STUNNED!
  • Girl are you the Dragon for dragon’s lair? Because thinking about you gave me continuous damage.
  • Girl, would you prefer crystals or credit card? Because I got both.
  • Are you Summoners War? Because you are draining the last bit of my energy.
  • Is your name Chloe? Because you’re immune to my charm.
  • Damn baby, you’re like a Chloe in the streets but a Raki in the sheets.
  • Babe, can I enter your secret dungeon tonight?
  • Are you my missing twin? Because we would dance well together.
  • You are making my attack bar go up and I’m about to make my move!
  • Babe, how much crystal do I need to spend on you to summon you intro my world?
  • Girl, you are so hot, you have given me violent runes that I can go again and again.
  • My Attack Bar is going up for you.
  • Is your name Seara? Because you blow me away.
  • Girl, are you magical essence? cause you awaken my inner monster.
  • Are you a b10 dungeon? Cuz I’d spend all my energy running through u all day baby girl
  • Girl, you are the perfect fusion.
  • Girl, we got the perfect synergy comp to handle any battles.
  • If you would exist in this game, you would be 7* because your beauty is out of this world.
  • You feeling kinky? Let’s have some fun in Punisher’s Crypt tonight.

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