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Sugar Pick Up Lines

  • With you around, I never feel low.
  • Oh baby, your name should be Sugar because with you I’m always sugar high!
  • How about we go back to my place, and I will help you to drop your blood sugar.
  • Babe, I just poured some sugar on myself. Are you ready for some sweet ride?
  • Are you sugar? Because you’re sweet and I wanna spoon you.
  • Sugar cubes won’t be the only I shove down your throat tonight.
  • Hey, girl, are you made of sugar? Because you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met.
  • Girl, you make me with high blood sugar now, because you are my true sweet-heart.
  • Hey Beautiful, are you a donut? Because you’re all curves and sugar.
  • You remind me of a bunch of cookies. Your smile is like a sugar cookie. It’s nice and sweet.
  • Mama said stay away from sugar. But babe I cannot stay away from you.
  • Well, hey there! I sure don’t need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you.
  • You’re so beautiful, I think I’m having a pink sugar heart attack.
  • I visited my doctor today and he said my sugar is too low. So babe I need you to give me some sugar now.
  • Drop sugar packet labeled sugar in front of girl: Babe, you dropped your name tag.
  • What do you blow to make a wish? Sugar daddy.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, I bet that pussy is too.
  • Would you like to go for a coffee sometime? I heard that it tastes better with sugar.
  • You must be a powerpuff girl. Because your made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.
  • Did you sit in sugar? Because you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • Girl, are you made of sugar? You are the sweetest person I’ve ever met.
  • Babe are you sugar? Because I just had sweet dreams about you.
  • If you want something sweet I’m right here.
  • Do you need more sugar or am I sweet enough?
  • Girl, I want to dip my fingers into your sweet sugar bowl.
  • Babe, let me give you some sugar and cream, and make it into icing on the cake.
  • Do you wanna plant some Sugar Daddy?
  • I am not even gonna try to sugarcoat it, I just want to suck on some sugarcoated titties.
  • Did you fall into a pile of sugar? Because I want to lick you to find out.
  • I don’t need to check your blood sugar to know you’re a 10.
  • Want a sugar daddy? Let me add some sweet syrup into you.
  • Girl, I want to sugarcoat every part of your body, then I am going to eat you.
  • Did your donkey fell in sugar? Then what is that sweet ass?
  • Did you have sugar? Because you got a sweet smile.
  • Hey girl, my blood sugar isn’t the only thing on the rise right now.
  • If you were C6, and I were H12, all we would need is the air we breathe to be as sweet as sugar.
  • Sugar Pick Up Lines
  • Your so sweet, your giving me cavities just talking to you.
  • Babe, this coffee is too strong. How about a kiss because you are the only sugar I need.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.
  • Girl, are you a sugar baby? Because I want to shower you with my sweet love.
  • You got some cookies? Let me pour some of my white sugar frosting to make them sugar cookies.
  • Girl, I want to preserve our love with sugar. Because you are my jam.
  • Eating Sugar? No Papa. Open your mouth. Hahaha.
  • Sugar is sweet, honey is sweeter. Look at me and touch my wiener.
  • I may be sweet like sugar, but I still get hard with my cane.
  • Is your blood sugar low? Because you’ve been running through my mind all night.
  • Babe, want to see how I can pump out sweet sugar with my sugarcane?
  • Babe by the time I am done, I will turn your white sugar into brown sugar.
  • Are you a sugar momma? Because I want to lick some sweet milk off you.
  • Gimme some sugar, baby.
  • Are you powdered sugar? Because you’re sweet, and fine!
  • You seem like a sweet girl. Mind if I lick you to find out?
  • Just by looking at you I can guess your parents are called flour and sugar. There’s no other way to explain why you such a sweet pie.
  • Are you sugar? Because I want you in everything I have.
  • Pass me the coffee and sugar girl, because you already made me cream in my pants.
  • High blood sugar may be temporary, but baby, our love is forever.
  • Sweetie, you give new meaning to the definition of ‘edible’.
  • Are you a sugar maple tree? Because I would totally tap that.
  • I like my sex how I like my sugar. Unfiltered and Raw.

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