62 Bike Cyclist Pick Up Lines [2022] Best, Funny, Cheesy

62 Bike Cyclist Pick Up Lines [2022] Best, Funny, Cheesy

Looking for Bike Cyclist Pick Up Lines? If yes, Then now have reached the right place. In this article, we are going to provide a big list of Bike Cyclist Pick Up Lines. These all Pick Up Lines will help you to start a conversation with your favorite person. You can easily use these pick-up lines to express your feelings and emotion.

Everybody wants unique Pick Up Lines. But many times they did not find the perfect Pickup lines. So, We are here with many unique Pick Up Lines for you. We hope, you will easily find your favorite Bike Cyclist Pick Up Lines from this list.

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Bike Cyclist Pick Up Lines

  • Let’s watch the Tour de France together. We can live stream it in bed tomorrow morning.
  • That’s the nicest frame I’ve ever seen, and I don’t mean your bike
  • I WHEELIE like you.
  • I wheelie, wheelie want to ask you out on a date.
  • You make my spokes spin all night long.
  • Hey girl, I bet you would look fabulous on my bike.
  • Did I just go over my handlebars? Cause I’m head over heels for you!
  • I’d buy a tandem just to ride with you.
  • I know a great place to bike ride. Let’s hop on my private jet!
  • You’re so cute, you could be a feature on a Cycle Chic blog.
  • I would love to true your wheels.
  • I hope you’re not spoke-n for.
  • Want to get anaerobic riding?
  • I’ve never seen a sleeker frame.
  • Wanna come over and borrow my chain whip?
  • Are you a rusty bike? Because you gonna squeak and scream when I ride you tonight.
  • I bet we could do some good interval training together.
  • My bike is in for a service. Can I ride you instead?
  • I keep falling off my mountain bike while waiting for you to call. I can’t handle the suspension.
  • You remind me of my last biking accident. Because I am going head over heels for you.
  • Roses are red, my face is too, this only happens when I cycle with you.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. Let’s ride on the back of my bike and taste my glue.
  • I saw you getting dirty on the cyclocross course.
  • Want to plan a ride up this hill in my pants? It feels great when you’re on top.
  • I believe in riding with protection. Do you?
  • Is that your kickstand, or are you just happy to see me?
  • Can I make you a recovery drink in the morning? You’re going to need it after the intense ride tonight.
  • My bike isn’t the only thing that has a shaft
  • Can I take you for a spin on my handlebars?
  • I Tour de Francy you.
  • Let’s do some interval training in my bed.
  • Wanna go cycling together? Just swear you won’t go braking my heart?
  • Hey there, do you need to use my pump to keep you going?
  • I’m no hipster, but I’d ride a fixie for you.
  • Did you have a rough data? Maybe you should opt for a smooth and enjoyable ride in my bed.
  • Bike Cyclist Pick Up Lines
  • You’ve got bike courier eyes.
  • I want to feel and touch your frame.
  • Are you a bike? Because I wanna ride you until I get tired.
  • You make my rain pants sweaty.
  • I can keep increasing the resistance on my bike, but I just can’t resist you.
  • Want to lock our bikes together?
  • What’s the difference between the wheels on my bike and you? I could never get tired of you.
  • You know, I don’t need energy bars to keep me going.
  • Want to go for a ride on my bike?
  • I’m an endurance athlete. I can ride all night long.
  • Baby I noticed you have a new drive train… wanna test it out tonight?
  • Hey Girl I can be your bike, you can ride me whenever you want.
  • I can’t handle-bars but I’d love to go on a cycling date with you.
  • Girl. We need to get you to the bicycle repair shop because you’re off the chain.
  • Need a commuting partner? Because I am amazing in the bike lane.
  • I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride.
  • Cycle with me? I feel like I’m on a whole other gear when I’m with you!
  • This is just my commuter bike. How about I make you dinner and show you my other ones?
  • My bike is in for a service and I was wondering if you’d service me while it was gone.
  • Your pace or mine?
  • When are we going to Amsterdam together?
  • I love morning rides in the woods.

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